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What is Happenn?
[ TL;DR ] Happenn is a software provider that focuses on the event industry both on-site and online.

Happenn is the event platform built to help all event organizers create engaging events easier. We have everything from the on-site equipment to the virtual platform that can do anything—from registration/login, streaming your event, to the Webinar or Business Matching. Plus, as we are a white-label company, that means everything we deliver will be represented, always and only, under your brand’s CI.
Head to the About Us page to learn more about what Happenn is.
Is Happenn an event organizer?

But we genuinely understand what the people in the event industry want. That’s why we’re here creating our softwares to help you achieve your goal easier.
For example, what Happenn can really do?
[ On-site Event Solution ]

Let’s say you will host an on-site (in-person) event that thousands of people will arrive simultaneously. We can install and set up the registration devices that help you check in these attendees faster than the manual searching their names from documents or Google Forms. (There are various ways to cut your long registration lines; check out our On-site Registration section for more details.)

And not just the registration section, we can also make your event more engaging with tools like Lucky Draw and QR Code Redemption. Or creating the Event Application that helps your attendees with everything, so you can reduce your staff cost and focus on other things that matter, for example.

[ Virtual Event Solution ]

Imagine hosting an event that everyone can only participate in through the website. We can provide everything from registering the domain name, setting up the website, and adding features. For example; The countdown clock before the event starts, the Live Streaming page, where your attendees can engage. Or the Audience Engagement Tools like Vote, Quizzes, Poll that makes your event more lively.

You can also use our tool to communicate with your audience outside the platform, such as sending the blast email to everyone on the registered list for updated information. Or using our Survey Forms to know your target audience better.
What is the maximum capacity of attendees for a virtual event?
Our maximum virtual event capacity is 100,000 people, joining simultaneously.
How can I start using the Happenn platform?
You can start your first step using Happenn by trying our free Demo web-based software (no installation required) or let us know your requirements. We’ll mix our features, create a package, and send the detailed information back to you within 24 hours.
Does Happenn have a free trial?
Unfortunately, no (for now).

Because different events come with different goals, there will not be a one-size-fits-all solution for our customers. That’s the reason why we need to discuss this with you first. You can start our conversation through the contact form here.
Can I request a custom solution only for my event?
The answer is always YES. Because, as we often said, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every kind of event. We always learn about our client’s needs and goals before delivering the work first.
Does it require a good computer or mobile device to run?
We need a standard browser because everything is web-based, and no installation is required. So it’s lightweight and fast. The only downside is that you always need to be online. So the internet is one thing you need to be concerned about when using our technology with your event.

We also have a Wi-fi internet device for rental. Click here for more details.
Does Happenn design the key visual and graphic for the event?
We usually don’t accept graphic design work. However, whether you are an organizer or enterprise, our client needs to prepare all the visual materials for the system.

Suppose you don’t have a production team to finish your graphic design tasks. In that case, we can be a project coordinator between you and our media agency partners. Again, we can discuss this in detail via hello@happenn.com.
Can the Happenn system work with YouTube, Zoom, Facebook, or any platforms?
Yes, we designed our platform to be able and ready to integrate with any 3rd party platform without coding needed on the end-user side.
Is the Happenn system similar to a service like a Zoom?
Not really. First, we can do the live streaming webinar as Zoom does. Second, we also can integrate the Zoom system on our platform.
And third, we have more features than Zoom has. Apart from the live video call feature, we can create the website as your virtual event base, with additional engaging features like Lucky Draw, Vote, Survey, or Business Matching. Check out our Products and Services page to see how we can help you achieve your goal.
Can I use Happenn to host an event on Metaverse?
We’re working on it, but unfortunately, we have to say no for now (the year 2022) Because we are currently in the beginning stages of the metaverse technology. And there’s no stable metaverse platform for the industry to learn and try using as an indicator right now.

But, instead of using the non-existence technology. We suggest you look at our Hybrid Event solution that will merge the on-site (in-person) event and the online (virtual) seamlessly and functionally. With the mentioned solution, your event will be one of the great examples of how futuristic events should be.
Is it better than streaming my event through YouTube, Facebook, or Zoom?
This thing depends on what your goal is.

If you only want to do the live streaming with a live comment feature, those platforms can perform this job functionally. But if your goal is to have a whole platform that can give the attendees both information and an engaging experience, you will need Happenn.