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10 Indicators to Measure Your Event Success

Written on SEP 5, 2023

Every event comes with its goal, from gaining more revenue to increasing brand/product awareness. But to see if your event reaches the goal you have set before, you need to know how to measure your success.

There are several ways to measure the success of your event. It depends on what you want to achieve from it. You can see how many people came to your event if it’s about awareness. Or if it’s about the revenue, ticket sales or post-event sales are what you should look at.

In this blog, we will discuss some factors you can use as your event KPI to measure your success. There are always more than this, but these are the easy-understanding and straightforward ones. If you’re ready, let’s scroll down.



Table of Contents

Ticket sales
Total registrations
Total check-ins
Post-event survey
Post-event sales
Social media engagements
Sponsor satisfaction
Qualified leads
Returning attendees
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Ticket Sales

Nothing can prove your return on investment more significant than the ticket sales. If people buy tickets, they are really interested in what you present to them at the event.


Total Registrations

This one is quite similar to the ticket sales in action but usually comes in free of charge. The total registration numbers can show you how engaging your event is or how well your marketing campaign works.


Total Check-ins

There must be more than ticket sales or registration to measure your success. The number of people who have checked in at your event will show you how dedicated the target audience is. Also, comparing the total number of check-ins with the registrations and ticket sales can help you see things broader when analyzing.


Post-event Survey

Another method to measure your event success is by asking the attendees directly. Sending them the post-event survey email or encouraging them to do it before leaving the event venue can give you tons of information you can work with after the event.


Post-event Sales

If your event focuses on promoting the products or services, checking the sales after the event is also one of the factors that help measure your success.


Social Media Engagements

And if your event focuses on raising awareness, social media engagement is what you should look at. Various tools help you track your keywords or hashtags on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.



Sometimes, more than ticket sales are required to tell if your event is successful. Suppose you want to dig deeper into the financial things of your event. Try calculating the cost and revenue; then, you’ll see your actual profit from the event.


Because the attendee is not the only customer of your event, the sponsor is also one of a kind as well (especially with the possibility that it is free of charge). Surveying your sponsors’ satisfaction can also show you how well your event is. This will help you see a clearer picture when looking for sponsors for your next event.


Qualified Leads

For the marketing and sales department, gaining qualified leads is like taking the early steps into the chamber of treasure. This measurement factor suits the event that promotes the products or services that takes a while before the leads can understand how it works and close the deal.


Returning Attendees

Another interesting factor to measure is to see if your attendees are the ones who used to attend your previous event. This can measure how loyal they are and how strong your brand is. It’s also essential in gaining new attendees.



But There Are Always More

You can always devise another method to measure your event success if it suits your business goal. These ten event success measurement factors listed above are the tip of the iceberg. It’s straightforward to understand.



A Powerful Event Software to Help You Track Important Stats

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