The most efficient way to engage and get valuable information from your event attendee.

Create Your Poll in Less Than a Minute

With Happenn, you can create an influential poll that you can display on your live streaming and immediately show the result. You can also choose how the answering method and design should be. Plus, all the statistics information will be collected in real-time.

Trusted by Leading Companies

Immediately Put Your Poll on the Screen

Within a click from the backend system.

Various Ways to Build Your Poll

Happenn's poll comes with various answering methods such as specific choices and/or a blank space that let the audience freely fill in.

Specific Choices

Create clear poll choices for precise comparison.

Blank Space

Build an open-end poll that everyone can type their answer freely.


Show the results in the rank view from best to worse, or vice versa.


Suits the event with a competitive atmosphere.

With the Simplest Way to Finish Your Report

Available to export in the image, spreadsheet, and PDF. You can quickly and easily apply our data to other platforms like Excel, PowerPoint, Keynotes, or even Google Slides.

With You from the Beginning to the Finish

Happenn won't let you walk alone. Our Customer Success team will be with you from the beginning of the project. 'Cause, we're here to help!

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