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How to Create Event Survey Questions That Benefit Both Host & Attendees

Written on JAN 31, 2023

Hosting an event is for more than just entertainment, marketing, or academic purposes. It’s also about gathering information to analyze and develop your next event. That is where the survey and reasonable questions play their role in your event.

And to get the correct information for development, you must list the accurate questions that match your goal—for example, the satisfaction survey. The question can be in various directions, from the open-ended question to just some choices. In addition, it can measure both quantitative and qualitative.

An event survey can be done in all phases. From pre-event, before the event starts, during, or after the event (post-event). The questions in each stage will be different due to different purposes but share the same goal, to make the attendees feel better about your event. That’s the heart of the event survey questions mission.


In this Blog, You’ll Learn…

  • What the Event Survey Is and What Should You Ask Your Attendees?
  • Get to Know 3 Phases of Event Surveying
  • The Better Your Question, The Better Your Event Can Be
  • What Should You Look for in Survey-making Tool
  • Conclusion

    What the Event Survey Is and What Should You Ask Your Attendees?

    The purpose of asking your event attendees mainly about the development and providing a better experience for better satisfaction in returns. Because the successful event will stay in the attendee’s head rent-free.

    This is why making an event survey matters in helping the host learn about the attendee’s expectations, needs, opinions, and satisfaction. Below are what you get from the effective event survey questions.

  • The best preparation for your event
  • A chance to improve your event activities for a better experience
  • Better time management (suitable for a during-the-event survey)
  • The feedback to measure the event’s success and to develop the next installment
  • The popularity of the key content for an event, such as what is the most exciting or best-selling product

    The 3 Different Phases to Do the Event Survey

    Before your event lands in your attendees’ hearts, you must first know what they think. So you can portray your event the way they want to see the most. And at the same time, the question should also be beneficial enough to improve your future events.

    Most people may only be familiar with the post-event survey. But you can do it at any time of your event. We usually separate the survey into three phases: Before the event starts (pre-event), while the event is running (during-event), and after the event is finished (post-event).

    The Pre-event Survey

    To ensure that your upcoming event will be the best for your attendees, you should first send the pre-event survey to the soon-to-be audiences. This will help you learn what they are thinking about your event.

    Before the event starts, the host should know whether or not the audience matches the event, what they are looking for with this occasion, the location and time suitable for the event, et cetera. It can be both the open-end and close-end questions.

  • Name and surname of the attendees
  • Reasons why they are interested in the event
  • Their expectation for joining the event
  • The topic that most interests them and makes them decide to join the event
  • Is the event venue easily accessible

    During-the-Event Survey

    Suppose your event is hosted for a long hour or multiple dates. Having a survey questionnaire to do during the event period is also a good thing to do. The feedback will be candid and solid as their memories are still fresh.

    The real-time feedback helps the event host develop, enhance, and handle the situation better. For example, you can adjust the activity to draw more attention or revise the schedule to ensure everything fits with the timeline. Here are some question suggestions.

  • How do you currently feel about the event?
  • Is this event turns out as you expected?
  • Could you rate the score of our assistant staff?
  • What is your favorite part of the event?

    Post-event Survey

    The most important part of the event is how satisfied the attendees are. You can learn it from many places, but the post-event survey is the most critical measurement. Their feedback will be essential in improving your event and proof of success.

    The post-event survey made the host aware of how satisfied the attendees were with the event. What to improve for the next installation. And what you can develop from this information. You should not just ask about the feelings but also what they are thinking about the content. Here are some examples.

  • Please rate your satisfaction with the event.
  • What is your favorite activity, products, or speakers?
  • Is the event venue easy to access?
  • Do you have any plans to join our next event?
  • Please provide additional comments/feedback for further improvement.

    The Better Your Question, The Better Your Event Can Be

    Please remember that each question was created to get a helpful answer. Therefore, it must be friendly, clear, concise, and easy to understand. With all these factors, you will get great insights for further developing your special event.

    The questionnaire can be mixed both open and closed-end together so that you can get the most suitable answer from each question.


    What Should You Look for in Survey-making Tools

    There are tons of survey-making tools available on the internet to comfort you on this mission. And most of them are free. But they tend not to have all-around features to fulfill your needs when the time comes. So, as the event host, consider choosing the event survey-making tool that delivers the most beneficial results in return for the company.

    The heart of asking questions throughout the survey form is to measure the satisfaction of your event attendees. So, the tools must get insights and simultaneously deliver the brand’s identity into the audience’s mind. Most of it could do this job better. If you have a great tool, there will be more and more benefits, such as

  • Elegant Templates that are ready to use. You don’t have to build it bit by it.
  • Various Answering Methods suit each kind of question very well. From the choices to the drop-down menu and the short blank space to type. To name a few.
  • Responsive and looks nice on every device on earth.
  • Deliver the Brand’s Identity in everything from colors, fonts, images, or any design elements.
  • Widely Shareable and able to integrate with the 3rd party apps, email, and social media platforms.
  • A Smart Dashboard to check all the results and statistics for further development.


    Getting the information by using a survey platform can give tons of benefits back to the event host, from developing the content to even the experience for the attendee’s satisfaction in return.

    That is why a survey became one of the essential factors for hosting the event. So, your tool must be sharp and sure. Suppose you are interested in making the most of the survey. In that case, Happenn can also provide you with an event survey-building service. And we are open for free event consultation sessions online with no charges for everyone. You can book us a meeting by heading here.