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Event Industry Stats to Help You See the Second Half of 2023 Clearer

Written on JUL 10, 2023

We have passed the 50% mark of 2023 already. For the event industry, this is one of the most important milestones to look at and learn from the past six months before heading into the rest two quarters of the year. Let’s take a little break to check out helpful information to clear your path for the rest of the year.

We have curated eight useful event industry statistics that will help you see the foreseeable future clearer. From the participant’s point of view to the behind-the-scene event marketers. And in case you want to dig deeper into the details, you can check out the sources and the bottom section of this blog.


In-person events are crucial, said 97% of event marketers

According to Bizzaboo, almost all event marketers confirmed they need the in-person event to achieve their goal. So if you still need to decide whether to host the virtual event like we’re used to when COVID-19 was all over the place, it’s time to return to the physical world because that’s the core meaning of the word “event” after all.

That means companies are ready to spend more for the in-person event. The report also noted that “around 24% of media industry companies spend over 51% of their marketing budgets on in-person events. So, if you’re still deciding what kind of event to host from now on, let’s go with the in-person one. This will likely be the only choice for quite some time.


No Need to Be Too Complex: 64% of Global Businesses Still Measure Their Success by the Number of Attendees

There are various goals to focus on when hosting an event. But the majority, Statista, has found that around 64% of the global business companies still keep an eye on how many attendees they’ve got from the event. Because it’s the most straightforward factor and can be translated into many things, such as how effective your marketing is or how many people have seen the sponsors’ logo during the event, for example.

There are also other popular ways to measure your event’s success. Check out the list below.

• Qualified leads: 56%
• Brand awareness: 48%
• Social press mentions: 41%
• Sales generated: 40%


Free is Always the Key. 80% of the Events Don’t Charge Their Attendees for Participation

This stat from Bizzaboo confirmed one significant fact. Your event always needs sponsors. It’s easier to have the budget before the event date rather than investing in it and hoping people will put their money into yours (if the event isn’t exclusive enough, only some of the events are attractive as the Taylor Swift concert).

So when planning the next event, let’s focus on finding the sponsorship beforehand. Who will be your primary funding source? Is the compensation for them worth to invest? Do we have enough spots to put their logo on? Lots of questions to be answered. But at least we know that this is the direction we should head to.

But there is also the paid event that people are interested in. Just be careful about planning it because it’s a more challenging mission than finding your financial supporters before starting anything.


65% of Participants Said They Understood the Product More When Attending

Meetup events are always better for communication. One interesting stat from Aventri says that around 65% of event attendees can understand the products and services more when they attend and learn more about them at the event. What’s great about this is that around 70% of people can become your regular customer after they know about you from the event.

Because with the in-person event, you can demonstrate your products and services more creatively than just writing about them on the website or social media. You can let the attendees try it out or sell it directly at the event. You can also add discount promotions exclusively to your event to help attract and convert the leads into customers right within the event.


The One-day Conference is the Most Popular Kind of Event

While a multiple-day event allows the attendees to choose their preferred date to join, it also costs more on the organizer’s side. Let alone the more overwhelming tasks to manage behind the scene. The report from Splash showed that around 54% of the events are one-day conferences.

There are significant reasons why people tend to focus more on the one-day event. The first reason is the budget because less day means less money to spend. And the second reason is that it’s way easier to manage things because of the short time. And hosting your event one day can give an exclusive vibe, which you can use to encourage people to register for the event or buy a ticket quickly. Because fear of missing out is real, check out this InEvent blog to learn more about the PROs and CONs of one-day and multiple-day events.


The Event Technology Isn’t Meeting Expectations, and 40% of Event Planners Are Unhappy

If you are the one who feels disappointed with how event technology is nowadays, you’re not alone. Exploding Topics found that 40% of event planners feel the same way as you.

But the good news is that event technology has taken a massive leap due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have seen the rise of virtual conference culture, the better quality of the virtual event and webinar platforms, and even the technology for on-site events also becoming greater compared to the pre-pandemic period.


Even Though People Focus More on Social Media, Email is Still a Thing for the World of Events

As you can see, everyone on the internet spends almost all their time on social media rather than checking boring emails. But it turns out that this old-fashioned communication method is still a thing for the world of events. Zippia found that 87% of event marketers use email to communicate about their events (while 89% use social media).

We can explain why the email is still a thing:

• Social media are way too fast to talk about anything in detail, and the event is always about the details.
• It’s easier to get back to look for information about the event through their mailbox and the always-refreshing social media feed.
• The sender can customize their message to match their communication purpose rather than the plain text with few images format offered by almost all SNS platforms.


Our Sources

All the information we have talked about in this blog is curated through various sources. And it’s just the tip of the massive data iceberg on the internet. If you want to dig deeper to find more about the statistics event industry for better decision-making about your event, feel free to check out our sources for this blog below.


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