Hybrid Event

What is a Hybrid Event? An In-depth Guide for the Latest Event Trends in the Post-COVID Era

Written on NOV 24, 2022

To answer the question, “What is a hybrid event?” We must head back to the time when there was no COVID-19. In those times, most events were in-person, in other words, offline. The pandemic forced us to create a ‘social distance,’ and that’s when the virtual became a thing. And that was what helped us get through the quarantine time.

Even though the COVID situation is better nowadays, people have already adopted the new normal lifestyle. The hybrid became the main focus of event industries because it brought the PROs of both in-person and virtual together to deliver more comfortable and engaging events.

The most exciting point of the hybrid event is how it comforts both the event host and their attendees by bringing the tech solution to the table. Those peers can choose whether to attend the event or participate through the online channel. That’s just one perk among many things we are going to talk about today.



Table of Content

  • An In-depth Introduction to the Hybrid Event
  • Hybrid, An Alternative Kind of Event: The PROs
  • What You Should Know Before Hosting an Effective Hybrid Event
  • A Step-by-Step Introduction to Hybrid Event
  • Conclusion


    An In-depth Introduction to the Hybrid Event

    What is a hybrid event

    A hybrid event is an event that hosts both on-site and online at the same time. The event host let their audience choose how they want to participate. This kind of event is not just an in-person event with live streaming to watch online. But it delivers the experience to both groups of attendees equally. Here are some significant selling points briefly:

  • Both offline and online attendees can participate in the event at the same time.
  • The event becomes more engaging and fun.
  • Able to connect to a broader audience, not limited to the event site like the traditional in-person one.

    In general, the hybrid event will open both on-site and online simultaneously, and the hybrid meeting lets participants join from any side. Here are some factors you can tell if it’s a hybrid event.

  • The venue isn’t at a massive scale.
  • Using the technology to help organize the event.
  • The target audience is those who are familiar with the technology.


    Hybrid, An Alternative Kind of Event: The PROs

    What is a hybrid event

    The perk of the hybrid event is its availability to communicate with a mass group of people. The numbers are higher than the standalone in-person or virtual events. It can also reach people from anywhere worldwide, so your event can build higher engagement and sales. Another advantage of a hybrid event is some groups of people don’t have to travel to the event site. So it’s easier to deliver your content to people from far away (for example, the hybrid meeting where people in Sweden’s event room can talk with Thailand’s staff in real-time).

    How the host presents their event is also essential. Prioritizing both groups of attendees is a must; for example, if your event has a lucky draw activity, marketplace, or Q&A session, both in-person and online attendees should be able to participate equally.

    4 Good Things About the Hybrid Event

  • The audience can choose how they want to participate
  • The total number of attendees is more significant than the event space
  • Reduce the carbon footprint (there is no paper when everything is digitized)
  • Add more marketing value and chances to get more sponsors

    The Difference Between the Hybrid Event and Other Kinds of Events

    If you only choose between in-person or virtual event, you only got one amount of attendees. But if you go hybrid, you take all. Combining both groups of attendees makes your event more dimensional. As we said before, when the audience can choose how they want to participate, they’ll get a different experience but still the same benefits.

    You can communicate wider if you can bring together the good things of in-person and virtual events. So, we can say hosting a hybrid event is precisely the answer for event hosts/organizers nowadays.



    What You Should Know Before Hosting an Effective Hybrid Event

    To ensure that your upcoming hybrid event will be effective and flawless. As a host and organizer, you should understand what it is and how it works. Here are some tips for better preparation:

  • Get your big picture. Try to benefit both groups of attendees equally. Not just one side.
  • It’s not just an on-site event with live streaming. Try finding some activities to let people enjoy themselves.
  • Don’t overlook the audience’s learning curve. See how much they’re familiar with what kind of event.
  • Be aware of privacy. For example, the EU’s GDPR.
  • The tracking tools must work effectively, so you can analyze your performance precisely after the event ends.


    A Step-by-Step Introduction to Hybrid Event

    Hosting the hybrid event is presenting your agenda both in-person and virtually simultaneously. There are tons of good things awaiting but also more preparation too. You have to prepare both sides of your event parallelly. Each part has both the same and different factors. We mainly focus on these three things:

  • The registration process
  • The check-in/login process
  • The activities during the event period

    The In-person Part


    On-site Registration: First, you need an event website to let the registration begins. The data you get from this step will be a database used for the whole event period. Whether from creating the QR codes and sending them to each attendee’s email. Broadcasting or checking themselves in.

    On-site Check-in: Let your attendees bring their QR codes from the registration process to the event site check-in counter, scan it and get inside without signing or writing any papers again. As a hybrid event is an event that hosts both offline and online at the same time, using a digital feature like a QR code will help sync the on-site information with the online part too.

    On-site Event Activities Examples:

  • Seminar: Mostly business or academic related. The attendees will be gathered in the meeting room and able to raise questions directly.
  • Trade Show: The product showcase event. Your attendees can purchase the product they want right from the booth. Yes, they can try it firsthand.
  • Business Matching: Let your attendees present their business and make an appointment directly with the VCs or investors.
  • Lucky Draw: Give away the prize randomly at some point during the event.

    The Virtual Part


    Registration: Same as the offline one, everyone needs to register their account through the website and get the email with instructions to access the virtual event platform.

    Check-in: Access the event’s website URL, go to the login page, and put the username/password on it to get inside the virtual event.

    Virtual Event Activities Examples:

  • Webinar: Watch it through the live streaming platform. The viewer can participate by publicly sending comments or questions privately through the Q&A session. The difference is they’re not in the same room.
  • Trade Show: The online peers can view and purchase any products through the website, then the sellers will ship it later. No need to go to the booth.
  • Business Matching: The attendees can make an appointment through the virtual platform and wait for the meeting confirmation. Whether the other side is online or already at the event site.
  • Lucky Draw: The online attendees also have the chance to get the random prize as equally as the on-site people by participating in the activities on the virtual event platform.



    Hybrid Event is an event that helps event organizers to connect people more conveniently. It’s somehow cost-saving but getting more interest and marketing valuable throughout the years. It also suits various categories like press conferences, seminars, trade shows, concerts, or even hybrid meetings that let the people outside the meeting room be virtually in.

    Happenn comes up with tools to help comfort you at any event, from offline to online. And, of course, the hybrid too. Please visit our products page or contact us by heading here for more information.