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QR Code Registration: An Alternative Method for Effective Event Management

Written on NOV 15, 2022

To host a successful event is not only about the concept or content. Nowadays, bringing modern technology to manage things is another factor to level up your event performance. And it also cut all the fuss throughout the whole event from the beginning to the end. QR code registration is an event registration system that comfy the event host and the attendees.

First, it saves registration time when the attendees arrive at the event site. All they need to do is scan the code and get inside. To sum up, this method is both fast and effective and helps you reduce all the messy things you may face from some events.

QR code registration

The chaos at the event registration counter isn’t occurred because of bad planning. It can go wrong even with the well-prepared one. Choosing a suitable tech solution for your event is very important. Especially with the in-person event, you need to be very systematic. Because letting the audience filling their information manually online and print it to verify themselves at the site isn’t compelling enough.

So, it’s time to change how you manage the event entrance to the QR code method instead. How? Let’s go.


Table of Content

  • What is the QR Code Registration?
  • The Perks of Using the QR Code Registration
  • What Kind of Event Suits This QR Code Method?
  • What Kind of Business Needs This Registration?
  • Conclusion

    What is the QR Code Registration?

    QR code registration

    QR code registration is an event check-in system that brings the QR code technology to help store the attendees’ information without manually filling in any information or printing anything to verify at the registration desk. Just scan the QR code through the smartphone, and your attendee will be ready to get it without wasting precious time, like in the old days.

    QR code registration is one of the most popular check-in methods because of its overall quality. The scanning is high-speed. And it suits every kind of event, especially in-person with large numbers of attendees.


    The Perks of Using the QR Code Registration

    QR code registration

    That’s why hosting a crowdy in-person event, or even the hybrid one with a big group of attendee on-site, need the technology to help manage the time and let the people in quickly as possible. Here are some reasons you should apply this method to the upcoming event.

  • Time-saving for both the host and attendees.
  • Help you do the headcount and quickly let the people in.
  • Reduce the mess at the registration counter.
  • Cut the entrance queue short.
  • Able to show the attendees’ information immediately (when requested).
  • Scan the code at high-speed.
  • Require fewer pieces of equipment, only the scanner or the iPads.
  • Eco-friendly & paperless.
  • No need to worry about the username and password.

    What Kind of Event Suits This QR Code Method?

    As we have said before, QR code registration is fast. The event host can scan and let the attendee into the event quickly by checking their QR code. So no matter how crowdy your event is, you can always manage it at the top performance. And if you want to know what event suits this check-in method, we can say it suits all.

    In-person Event

    The on-site or in-person event is the most suitable event to use the QR code registration and check-in method due to its crowdy attendees. The solution will help you improve everything from check-in, working with any activities during the event, and post-event data analysis by processing the attendees’ database you got from the registration. These are the popular kinds of in-person events:

  • Trade shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Product launching events
  • Concerts/music festivals
  • Seminars

    Hybrid Event

    is an event that combines the on-site and virtual events altogether. So you can use the QR code scanning method with the offline part. A hybrid event is where you bring the technology to connect both sides of an event and deliver a similar experience as much as the event could. Below are some activities you can do by engaging with the QR code of each attendee.

  • Check-in to the event for offline audiences.
  • Share the attendees’ information with the exhibitor (leads retrieval).
  • Log in to the event platform to use other features such as Q&A, vote, etc.
  • Use the QR code to verify and collect points during the event.

    Apart from the two kinds as mentioned above of events. The QR code solution can also apply to another usage, depending on the need and how the host brings it to adapt when hosting the event.


    What Kind of Business Needs This Registration?

    As we all know, hosting an event is one of the useful marketing strategies to make your brand memorable, PR, and boost sales. That’s why marketers need to choose a suitable tool for their work. Because the more powerful tool you get, the higher your chance to achieve your goal. For example, using the QR code registration system with the event can help you gain more chances to get closer to your audiences. Let’s see what kind of businesses are suitable for.

  • A business that needs to modernize itself by hosting an event that uses best-in-class technology as a big part of it to impress the attendees.
  • A zero-experience business. Some organizations want to host the event but lack the know-how, experience, or reliable staff. Using the effectiveness of the QR code scanning system can help them become more trustworthy and professional.
  • A business looking for new ideas without needing the template-ish event. Some service providers give you the white label product you can put your CI/branding on as you wish (us!)
  • A business that can’t overlook the data security. You can’t ignore private data security when hosting an event. It will align with the law like the EU’s GDPR or any local law of each country, for example, Thailand’s PDPA.


    Using QR code registration as the main check-in feature is one way to bring technology to comfort both the event host/organizer and the attendees. This is just the only example method that helps you manage your event more efficiently from the beginning to the very end.

    We, Happenn, also have the QR code scanning solution for events for you too. It suits everyone from the corporate enterprise, government organizations, event organizers, or the independent newcomer event host. You can contact us for more information, request a demo, or let us be the one who helps you improve your event management system and make it even better. Learn more about our products here, or contact us through this form anytime.