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How to Use QR Codes to Enhance In-Person Events: Benefits and Strategies

Written on APR 4, 2023

QR codes become essential for comfort, safety, and convenience as the world returns to in-person events. By simply scanning a code, attendees can access event information, e-tickets, and more, all without touching a physical object.

However, many people need help using QR codes or don’t see their value. They may need help finding the right app, using the camera correctly, or worrying about privacy and security issues.

Let’s explore some specific ways you can use them to enhance your event experience. From using QR codes for e-tickets to redeeming points, there are many strategies you can use to engage your attendees and streamline your event operations.


E-Tickets: Simplify Check-In and Reduce Contact

Attendees can use a QR code on their smartphone to check in to the event instead of standing in long lines or touching shared surfaces. Organizers can also quickly scan tickets and track attendance.


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Badge: Scan to Exchange Information

By printing a QR code on a badge, attendees can easily share their contact information with others. Then, simply scan the code with a smartphone to add the person to your contact list.


Lead Generation: Scan to Collect Exhibitor Information

Exhibitors can use QR codes to collect leads and contact information. Attendees can scan the code at the booth to receive more information or access exclusive offers.


Surveys: Scan to Provide Feedback

QR codes can be used to distribute event surveys to attendees. All you need to do is prepare your survey webpage and copy its URL, then transform it into a QR Code. And you’re ready to go.


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Engagement: Scan to Vote or Participate in Q&A

QR codes can facilitate audience engagement, such as voting for their favorite speaker or participating in a Q&A session. In addition, attendees can quickly scan the code to access the interactive feature with their smartphones.


More Details: Scan to Learn More About a Product

QR codes can be printed on product labels or signage to give attendees more information about a product or service. Scan the code to access the product’s webpage or other relevant information.


Redeem Points: Scan to Claim Rewards or Discounts

Using QR codes, event organizers can easily track attendee engagement and reward them with points or discounts. Attendees can then automatically scan the code to claim rewards without your involvement.


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Those are some interesting use cases. But in conclusion, QR codes offer many benefits for in-person events, from simplifying check-in to facilitating engagement and lead generation. Using QR codes strategically, event organizers can provide attendees with a more convenient and interactive experience while reducing contact and promoting safety.

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