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6 Perks of the Event Lucky Draw That Make Your Event More Lively

Written on DEC 9, 2022

When hosting an event, apart from communicating what your event is about, there is also a thing that you should pay attention to audience engagement. The lucky draw is one activity that draws people into your event the most. Today we are going to talk about the event lucky draw software system.

Applying lucky draw activity to your event will help boost the joyful vibe during your event. And it’s easier nowadays because you have event tech software that allows you to build up the activity more effectively, reduce workload, and gather the information for further analysis.

All the attendees can get a prize equally since their registration. This lucky draw activity will attract them to join the activity and deliver a positive experience.



Table of Content

  • What is Event Lucky Draw?
  • The Perks of Event’s Lucky Draw System
  • How the Lucky Draw System Works
  • Conclusion


    What is Event Lucky Draw?

    event lucky draw

    The event’s lucky draw is a giveaway system that helps comfort you when preparing the activity for your event. You can apply it to the very early stages, like registration. For example: collect the attendee information automatically. Or let them register for the prize by scanning the QR code and randomly selecting the winner in real-time.

    As the system relies on software, you can design it freely to fit your event strategy. Because this kind of feature was mainly intended to reduce the messiness and deliver a better experience to the attendees, and also help you collect the data for further analysis.


    Why Lucky Draw Activity Can Increase Your Event’s Amusement

    event lucky draw

    The lucky draw event includes many preparation steps, from the name gathering and random name to the winner announcement. It was messy back in the day and made some people question transparency. Instead, the lucky draw software will help you reduce these issues and deliver a better experience.

  • Deliver a new experience using modern methods
  • Random and announce the winner in real-time, fairly
  • Attract people and increase the interactive rate among the audience.


    The Perks of Event’s Lucky Draw System

    event lucky draw

    A fun vibe can make people enjoy your event more and more. And the lucky draw system can help you increase the number of people’s engagements and the excitement among the attendees.

    As the event host, you will get more chances to show how professional and modern you are through this activity. Also, user data gathering is more accessible because it will store everything at the same place where the registration information is. And this activity also increases your chance of getting more prizes from your sponsors.


    1. Increase More Engagement During the Activity Period

    event lucky draw

    It could be boring if your attendees come and go without any interactions. The giveaway activity will help attract them and urge them to participate more in your event.

    The event’s lucky draw system will increase more fun atmosphere and let everyone join the activity equally after registration. At least it’s better than just letting people in, watching the event, and leaving.


    2. The Excitement Makes Your Event More Fun

    event lucky draw

    Most people know how the lucky draw giveaway works. The excitement of it is a chance to become a winner that boosts the fun vibe among the attendees.

    Even the giveaway activity is an old-school one; it’s never getting boring because everyone wants to get something free as the lucky one. And the more modern the event’s lucky draw system will help to boost both the professional vibe and excitement among the attendees.


    3. It Lets Everyone Have a Chance to Win Equally.

    There are chances for you to make a mistake with the old-fashioned lucky draw, from the missing names to the announcement’s transparency. But with the event tech-based lucky draw system. It can get rid of these problems quickly.

    Bringing technology into your event help improve your image to be more professional than ever. Because nowadays, technology plays a big part in the event industry. It saves your cost and makes your event look more innovative than others.


    4. Increase Your Professional Image

    Bringing technology into your event help improve your image to be more professional than ever. Because nowadays, technology plays a big part in the event industry. It saves your cost and makes your event look more innovative.


    5. Centralized All Datas and Paperless

    The event’s lucky draw system helps you save everything from cost, time, and manhours when preparing the event. And performing everything digitally enables you to reduce the paperwork in every step from the beginning.

    All the information will be stored securely, and you can bring it up for the lucky draw activity in real time from the beginning of the event. And also can bring all the attendees’ information into the analysis session later.


    6. More Chances to Get Prize Support from Sponsors

    Apart from the fun atmosphere, the lucky draw giveaway also can benefit you in another way. Your attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about your sponsors‘ products through this process. Or giving your audience your products directly is also one of the most popular ways most event organizers do for a long time.



    Using Lucky Draw with Your Event

    The lucky draw can apply to both in-person (on-site) and virtual (online) events. You can adjust the way you want to present to fit with your event form.

    How the Lucky Draw System Works

    The event’s lucky draw system works as a web-based feature that you can use with various kinds of events, from offline to online. It stores all the information and randomizes the winner in real time. Here’s how thing goes during the rollout.

  • In-person (Offline) Event: Announce the winner live in real-time on the main stage
  • Virtual (Online) Event: Random the winner in real-time through the web-based virtual platform
  • The system will gather all the names from the user database and pick at least one winner randomly, then show it on the screen
  • You can set the criteria of the winner, such as everyone who already checked in, the imported name from the event host, or other activities, such as the QR code scanning



    In conclusion, the event lucky draw system will attract your audience and increase engagement, delivering more fun and new experiences to the attendees. It also helps the host reduce the mess in the preparation process and gives you a more professional image.

    Our team at Happenn can consult you about how to use this kind of system or anything about the event industry to help you achieve your goal. For more information, head to our Products page or fill in your information through our Contact form here.