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5 Good Reasons Why You Need to Create a Website Specifically for Your Event

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Written on JAN 4, 2023

These days, most people primarily get event news from social media because the event hosts and marketers are up to it. These online platforms already link all the people worldwide into one place so that the word can spread quickly like wildfire. But today we are going to talk about the other thing called the ‘event website.’

Even social media can be very, very quick. However, there are always some limitations in communication that can make your information slip away for not fully informing what you want to tell your targeted audience.

And that is why making a website for your event is needed for you. Apart from completing the information, you can also manage everything from the online registration to the post-event analysis. Furthermore, it makes your event more trustworthy and professional.



In This Post, You’ll Learn

  • What is the Event Website?
  • 5 Good Reasons for Having Your Event Website
  • 3 Things a Good Event Website Should Be Able to Deliver
  • Conclusion


    What is the Event Website?

    An event website is a website that is designed and created specifically for the event. You can build the website based on your event’s goal with tons of supported features like:

  • The registration and check-in system
  • Statistical analytics report for measurement
  • Selling the event tickets right away on the website
  • Connect the website with social media channels

    In the digital era, tech has become one of the most critical factors for event strategy. Also, it’s the most powerful marketing tool to reach billions of people worldwide. As a result, you will gain many opportunities with the website, including trust.



    5 Good Reasons for Having Your Event Website

    It’s easy to impress your soon-to-be attendees with the event website. Bringing the technology to improve your event comfort your attendees and also boost the efficiency of the backend event management. It can be more and better experience to deliver rather than just the during-event activities.

    The website can interpret the core of its event uniquely. Because the host, you, can design freely until it aligns with the concept of your event. We summarize these five perks for you to understand more about the website quickly.

    1. Easy Searching, Everything Stored in One Place

    Building an event website is about gathering all the information to present to your attendees in one place. The website will take its role as a central information source. So your audience can come and find everything they want to know quickly. It also comforts the host when answering anything the attendees need to know in return.

    2. Add as Many Features as You Want

    You can build the event website as freely as you want. Make it unique, stand out as possible, and align with the event’s concept or brand identity. So it helps you with brand awareness and deliver a better pre-event experience. When you impress your attendees, you also open the door to many opportunities.

    3. The Audience Will Focus

    As we have said, many event promoters only use social media to promote the event. Your content will only last for a while on any social feed because there are many posts each minute. The audience may scroll past for other, more entertaining posts. But the website containing only your information will encourage more focus for your event (if they decide to leave the feed).

    4. Get the Data for Post-event Analysis

    Bringing the tech into your event gives you benefits. So, making the website for your event will help you as the host to gather all the data, turn it into information, then translate it into insights. And this information will help you improve the next installation of your event in the foreseeable future.

    5. Event Website Improves Your Brand’s Image

    A website for your event can boost positive outcomes about the brand’s image and make your event look more professional. Because the website is concrete evidence of seriousness and proof that you intentionally want to comfort your audience



    3 Things a Good Event Website Should Be Able to Deliver

    A good event website needs to comfort its attendees, fast, stable, and safe. With all these conditions, your website will impress the soon-to-be attendees.

    What to consider for the website is how your event will roll in real life. So you can design it to align with the primary purpose of your event. The registration process must be easy for the attendees to participate in and gives you the benefit of getting the needed data for further analysis. The 3rd party platform integration is also one of the things to consider because there are many services you can use with your event nowadays.

    To make your website work, it must deliver a better experience for your user, in this case, your attendees. These are three factors to consider when creating the website.

  • User Experience: A good website should be easy to use, comfort the users, and look good
  • Brand Awareness: If it contains your CI on every touchpoint. People will remember. Not just the visual part but also the verbal and so on.
  • Data for Analysis: You should be able to track the view counts, clicks, or any action on the backend. So you can get the information from post-event improvement.


    Conclusion: Making a Website is A Must

    Thinking about the fact that we are living in the digital era with 4.66 billion internet users worldwide. Making a website will help you reach your audience more accurately and look more professional. It may look like a time for social media, but with the website, you’ll retain both a trustworthy and professional vibe.

    Luckily, making a website is relatively easy these days. You can have it easy, too, by letting us create one for you. We have templates to build it as quickly as you need, or if you want to make a crafted/customized pro version, we can talk more in detail. Well, if you’re in, we are open for free-of-charge event consulting. You can book our schedule here.